Rurôni Kenshin: Tsuioku hen

Samurai X - Trust & Betrayal (Director's Cut)

Rurôni Kenshin: Tsuioku hen
Score ★★★★★
Genre Action, Anime, Drama, Romance,
Language Englisch, Japanisch,
Year 1999
Runtime120 min.
Rating 18
Code 1
Directors Kazuhiro Furuhashi,
Nineteenth century Japan: a land torn by rebellion and civil warfare; small bands of soldiers roam the land, seeking to overthrow the tyrannical Tokugawa Shogunate. Enter the young orphan Kenshin, trained as a fighter by the master swordsman Hiko. Kenshin's desire for peace is at odds with his brutal life, and the tension seems unreconcilable until he meets a mysterious woman named Tomoe. The enigmatic Tomoe's actions may show Kenshin that another life can exist for him, or may instead conceal a destructive secret. Rurôni Kenshin: Tsuioku hen follows the progress of the rebellion against the Shogunate and the complex evolution of Kenshin's and Tomoe's involvement, and reveals how Kenshin received the distinctive cross-shaped facial scar that gives the film its name.