The West Wing (1)

Season 1

The West Wing (1)
Score ★★★★
Genre Drama, Series,
Language Englisch,
Year 1999
Runtime905 min.
Rating 16
Code 2
The White House comes under scrutiny in Aaron Sorkins politically - charged -- and therefore controversial -- drama "The West Wing". The series follows the life and times of President Jed Bartlet, whos constantly immersed in scandal and impossible decisions. Mirroring real-world events -- such as the Monica Lewinsky affair, George W. Bushs 2000 election, the September 11 attacks, and global terrorism -- the shows unique ability to tap into the viewers social conscience, while serving up top notch entertainment, remains unparalleled. Despite its overtly liberal stance, President Bartlet possesses virtues even a conservative could admire. It's this political dichotomy that gives the show its edge.