Psych (1)

Season 1

Psych (1)
Score ★★★
Genre Comedy, Series,
Language Englisch,
Year 2006
Runtime642 min.
Rating 12
Code 2
With a family of cops, Shawn Spencer has honed his observational skills to an impressive degree. But rather than join the police force and make his father proud, Shawn bounces from job to job, working as everything from a foot model to a Wienermobile driver. But he cant keep his powers of deduction hidden, and he calls the police with tips for their cases. When his knowledge arouses suspicion, Shawn does the logical thing: tells everyone he's a psychic and opens a psychic detective agency. Aided by his best friend and polar opposite, Gus, Shawn solves cases with the Santa Barbara Police Department. The detective duo matches wits with the doubtful police, hardened criminals, and one another with hilarious results.