Prison Break (3)

Season 3

Prison Break (3)
Score ★★★★
Genre Action, Series, Thriller,
Language Englisch,
Year 2008
Runtime543 min.
Rating 16
Code 2
Following the events at the end of second series of Prison Break, Lincoln Borrows is exonerated of his alleged crimes while his brother Michael has been framed by shadowy organisation "The Company" and is sent to the hellacious Sona prison, a convict-run establishment in Panama. The guards who used to be there left as a result of the violence of the inmates. Michael finds out that The Company sent him to Sona in order to pull off another prison break by freeing Whistler, an inmate who hides in the sewer system of Sona. The thrilling third series of Prison Break sees the show return to the confines of a prison, but a prison much more dangerous than Fox River Penitentiary.